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At MatchMex we offer a variety of diverse services. We are commited to assisting you with defining your goals and working with you to reach them.

Whether you are looking for potential clients or foreign distributors/representatives, MatchMex’s qualified personnel will help you learn the best available options in the market for your company. We locate and screen potential business partners in Mexico and Latin America as per your requests. After a previous evaluation by our staff, one-on-one meeting agendas will be coordinated on your behalf, which will prompt new leads for your business expansion strategies.

Our results are supported on a variety of databases, industry experts and search sources such as Mexican Business Directories, Chambers, Industry Associations, Government Regulatory Agencies and Private Sector Contacts.

These services are consistent with regulatory issues, foreign market access requirements and political and economic climates that influence your business when entering to a new sphere. Travel assistance, accommodations, interpreter services and administrative support are also provided.

Whether you want to establish a new business, expand or relocate to the USA, we can help you by providing you with all of the information and support services needed to properly evaluate your business opportunities in the USA. These services include detailed information about any American state’s business climate, site selection assistance, incentive programs information, labor market analysis, comparative analysis of real estate, utilities, transportation and tax costs and access to regulatory authorities.

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MatchMex conducts market research reports for companies seeking to expand their presence in Mexico and Latin America. Our findings detail specific information such as plausible clients/partners, political and economic concerns and any other useful figures which will furnish you with the means to evaluate your company’s international readiness and build up accurate strategies to maximize opportunities and target your goals.

We provide Government and Trade Representation services in Mexico and Latin America for US States and other governmental entities including cities and counties seeking representation in Mexico.

Our assistance is focused on trade and investment promotion activities such as identifying foreign companies that want to expand into, relocate to or invest in the United States.  MatchMex also hosts foreign delegations; coordinates trade missions and seminars; participates in trade shows and exhibitions; attends pertinent international forums and conferences and provides translation services.

We are aware of the most important industry shows that take place in Mexico and Latin America. Whether  you want to participate in a show or walk an event to establish new business relationships, MatchMex helps you with the coordination, accommodations and everything you need to maximize your business opportunities in the region.

Email us at steve@matchmex.com if you are interested in receiving more information on the following upcoming events:

Expo CIAM International Aviation Trade Show
Location: Cancun, Mexico
Frequency: Annual
Next date: November 17th - 19th 2012  

LAAD Defense & Security Trade Show
Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Frequency:  Every two years
Next date: April 9th - 12th, 2013  

Green Expo Global Resources Environmental & Energy Network Trade Show
Location: Mexico City
Frequency: Every two years
Next Date: September 24th - 26th 2013    

FIDAE International Air & Space Trade Show
Location: Santiago, Chile
Frequency: Every two years
Next date: March 25th -30th 2014